• Week 29: The Mid Atlantic Colonies. Benjamin Franklin's Almanac Wisdom. Colonial Sign . Week 30: The Southern Colonies . Week 31: French and Indian War. Map of the Shawnee Indians. Shawnee Indian Coloring Pages - 9 Pages . Week 32-34: American Revolutionary War and the French Revolution. Mr. President Simulation (George Washington)
  • These activities and projects can be adjusted for any grade. We hope you'll find some ideas you can use. Project: Western Expansion Project - Group activity, Searching for Gold, Pioneers Traveling by Wagon, Member of Cherokee Nation Forced to Oklahoma, Slave Escaping from South Carolina to New York, with templates for student use.
  • Oct 21, 2011 · I have to do this social studies project, and I have to draw a map of the 13 colonies, and it has to include the economic activities each state did.
  • Nov 26, 2011 · New England Colonies-Clothing • Girls wore simple dresses mostly made by wool linen, or cotton, and wore aprons • Boys wore breeches, waistcoa ts, hats, and stockings 10. New England Colonies-Fun time • Played marbles, hide and seek, • Made kites • Spun tops and rolled hoops
  • Colonies. is a simulation lesson produced by the Federal Reserve Bank’s Educational Resources division. Students interpret primary sources through simulation in order to better evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the mercantilist policies used by England in the colonies.
  • Throughout the 1500s and 1600s, many European countries began to establish colonies colonies in North and South America. Some of these settlements settlement survived but others did not.. What makes a settlement succeed? Your challenge is to build a successful settlement that survives in the face of multiple challenges.
  • The 13 Colonies; 03. Events Leading to the Revolutionary War; 04. The American Revolution ... Mercantilism Simulation Activity the Thirteen (13) Colonies Distance ...
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Standards-Aligned Curriculum Coverage. Our K-8 science curriculum is designed for NGSS, integrating the three dimensions in student learning. Our K-12 social studies curriculum provides educators in all 50 states the resources to confidently teach history and social studies concepts centering on essential questions with customizable assessments.
For example, in the 13 American colonies lesson that was discussed earlier, after eliminating a number of possible LATs, five were selected. These are take notes, view images, consider evidence, read text, and read maps, charts and tables. The lesson could begin by showing students some intriguing images related to the colonies.

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The 13 Colonies; 03. Events Leading to the Revolutionary War; 04. The American Revolution ... Mercantilism Simulation Activity the Thirteen (13) Colonies Distance ...
13 Colonies Activity - 13 Colonies Activity Vocabulary Indigo: any of numerous hairy plants, a blue dye obtained from various plants. Proprietary: belonging or controlled as property. | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view

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Dec 26, 2016 · "No taxation without representation" — the rallying cry of the American Revolution — gives the impression that taxation was the principal irritant between Britain and its American colonies.
13 Colonies Simulation. Imagine that you live in England in the year 1607. It is an exciting time for you. Your country has emerged as a world leader; your navy dominates the ocean; you have a new king; and you hear wonderful stories of a land of possibilities. There’s a new world to explore—a world where hunting is easy and gold is plentiful.