• Mint condition Davide Pedersoli .54 cal. 420 grain maxi bullet mould and handles $49. ... 200 new ball patches. NEW 50 Cal Extended Jag. No PAL required.
  • Caliber 2006-Charger 2006-Dakota -2004 Dakota 2005-Durango -2004 Durango 2005-Magnum 2004-Magnum AWD 2004-Nitro 2007-Ram 1500 Ram STR-10 Stealth Van B150 Van B250 1985-Vans (8 holes) Viper. Количество крепежных отверстий и межболтовое расстояние (PCD).
  • Pistol676 Inset bar conversion to NEI 50 cal pistol mold. Pistol677 Three cavity HP conversion on a H&G # 12C mold. HP is super deep for bullet meant to Rifle716 Big maxi ball mold converted to HP. Rifle718 Fast casting of 22 caliber hollow points with this four cavity HP mold with extractor linkage.
  • Molded-In Colors to Create a Unique Marble Pattern. Molded in colors are the most durable finish we offer. With a molded finish, the color is Sniper - This fill is mainly used on magnum calibers on our tactical stocks. It is the same as magnum fill except there is lightweight fiberglass in the butt stock, not...
  • Refine by Caliber: 17 HMR. Maxi-Mag Segmented Hollow Point. Bullet Weight: 17. Package Quantity: 50. Bullet Style: VNT. Usage: Target Shooting.
  • The 15/16" o.d. barrel is 32" long, trigger pull is 14", overall length is 49". Takes 6 x .75mm nipple and #11 percussion cap. Shooters can use a .490 or .495 round ball or .50 cal. Maxi Ball for .50 cal. or .530 or .535 round ball or .54 cal. Maxi ball for .54 cal. Comes drilled and tapped for the 57GPR tang peep sight.
  • Sep 15, 2016 · 410663 .40 Cal. .410 dia. Rifle (1) 439186 43 Span. Rifle (1) ... 504617 Maxi Ball .50 (1) Weights. 115 gr (1) 120 gr (1) ... Bullet Mould Replacement Parts. From $10 ...
  • 58 cal Thompson Center MAXI Ball or Maxi Hunter Mould. roundballorconical; May 15, 2020; Replies 8 ... TC Maxi “Hunter” .50 Cal. Idaholewis; Apr 17, 2020; Replies ...

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Dec 14, 2007 · I've not shot 100 yard groups in a long time. Probably wouldn't be too good at 100 yards with open sights. My testing was at 50 yards a long time ago and it didn't take long to realize that the ball outshot the hunter. I didn't do a lot of tinkering to get the hunters to shoot though since I have mould for the Maxi-Ball.
Casting .50 caliber Maxi-Balls Having fun with reloading, bullet casting, and shooting. A family channel. Please view my playlists.

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Thompson Center Maxi-Ball 50Cal Item Number: 7795. T/C's Original Maxi-Ball® has been used extensively by target shooters and hunters for The wide lubricating grooves allow generous amounts of lube, the key to easy and consistent loading. T/C Maxi-Balls® are available in .50 caliber prelubed.
45 and 50 cal bullet molds x 3 with handles rcbs mold handle 1 x 50 cal maxi ball 1 x 45 c

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Продам СПб Крикет 5.5 коротыш 50тыс. BuTeK. 18 (bcapak). 20-12 18:21. Продаю винтовку Kral Puncher Maxi 3 R-Romentone 5.5 в комплект ПРОДАНО.
"Bath Bomb Ball Mold - 2.75" diameter". COMMENTS: This molds are the perfect size for bath bombs. I had not issues using them. COMMENTS: I love this. I bought 50 in hopes that this would work and it did! They are beautiful. My bath ball fizzies have not been very successful before in molding.