• Ambulance Victoria LGA Response Time Performance Ambulance Victoria has two official response time targets: Respond to Code 1 incidents within 15 minutes for 85% of incidents state-wide, and Respond to Code 1 incidents within 15 minutes for 90% of incidents in centres with populations greater than 7,500.
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  • Federal Court judge Richard Tracey warned Ambulance Victoria managers they may be liable for breaches of their contracts if they release ambulance ­response-time data to the media without ...
  • Aug 17, 2009 · I think we both are. Only ALS units are left more or less in my county. Average response time of 4 minutes. Average time to hospital is 5 minutes. Average time to one of the trauma centers is 8-10 minutes. Basics can give Epi (IM or Sub-Q), ASA, charcoal, glucose.
  • Ambulance Victoria says the paramedic vehicle was on its way to an emergency call, but has not stated if the MICA vehicle had its emergency lights and sirens on. Karen on her Ducati “Details have become increasingly difficult to obtain,” Max says.
  • Swiss Ambulance Rescue is a company that cares deeply about its employees, maintaining a workplace culture that focuses on the individual while possessing an ambitious and holistic strategic vision. We aim for excellence in all fields: patient care, respect for others, quality of material and equipment, and rapidly available medical interventions.
  • Response times are the main performance measure for ambulance services throughout Australia and internationally. sJA’s target under its current contract (Contract) with WA Health is to respond to 90 per cent of priority 1 calls within 15 minutes. sJA’s response
  • Sussex postcode lottery of ambulance response times. ... “It is no coincidence that Lewes, which has Lewes Victoria Hospital, has better response times.” Peter Adams, from the Patient Action ...

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Ambulance Victoria has posted its best-ever statewide quarterly response time data, with 84.2 per cent percent of Code 1 ambulances reaching patients within 15 minutes. This represents a 1.2 percentage point increase on the same period last year.
Sep 19, 2020 · Annually, over 6500 cases of OHCA are attended by Ambulance Victoria (AV) paramedics in Victoria, Australia 1. Survival from OHCA is low at just 10–12%, reflecting global figures 1. For the pre-hospital response to OHCA, a highly co-ordinated system-of-care that optimises survival and functional outcomes is paramount.

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We look at response times to ambulance calls and how many are hitting nationally set targets. Ambulance services are measured by the time it takes from receiving a 999 call to a vehicle arriving at the patient's location. Under the new system, all calls are triaged into four categories according to the...
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Siddiqui said the median ambulance response time for White Rock is 10 minutes and 30 seconds, and the median response time for the fire department is under five minutes. “I’m looking into what happened in the region, but it just seems that there was something else going on. That’s atypical for even fire to not be there within five minutes.
2009 - 2012 St. John Ambulance Division 178 Operations Coordinator (Officer) 2009 - 2009 St. John Ambulance Division 178 Assistant to Operations (Sergeant) 2006 - 2008 St. John Ambulance Division 178 (Brigade Member) Member • Respond to emergencies at divisional and regional events and administer first aid if necessary;