• The sensor reads pressure in the fuel tank primarily during EVAP system monitoring. The PCM uses the pressure reading to detect evaporative leaks. When readings from the sensor indicate a leak, or if the sensor itself fails, the PCM sets a DTC code and illuminates the Check Engine light.
  • Jan 29, 2016 · You should not top off the fuel tank of your automobile. Because by topping the gas tank off, it can either overwhelm the evaporative system or cause a dangerous leak. It can cause pressure to build in the tank. Overfilling the tank will send all the excessive fuel to the canister and might kill the life of that canister.
  • Error code and check engine light is on again it only took 3 days this time. Any ideas?? Neighbor thinks it is the catalytic converter. Interesting, my gasscap/ce light came on half way through a tank of gas, cap was fine. A couple of hundred miles later and it still is there.
  • I have a 2010 Ford Escape with a capless fuel tank, my check fuel light kept coming on I purchased a gas cap $12.00 and it seemed to fix the problem for a while then my check engine light started coming on and off and when diagnosed it stated it was a vacleak and oxygen sensor which meant air was getting in the fuel tank.
  • My Check Engine Light on my 1997 Check Engine Light will come on after ignition is shut off. The computer (PCM or ECM) is what controls the check P0455 is for a large EVAP system leak. Either the gas cap is loose, not sealing, a line is leaking or you may have a vent or purge solenoid problem.
  • If your gas cap is not properly attached, you may see a "Check Engine" light or a ... Close the gas cap door. Return to the cabin. Crank the engine and drive your vehicle for a day. The OBD-II system will automatically reset the "Loose Cap" or "Check Engine" light.
  • The EVAP system integrity check uses a Fuel Tank Pressure Transducer (FTPT), a Canister Vent Solenoid (CVS) and Fuel Level Input (FLI) along with the Vapor Management Valve (VMV) or Electric Vapor Management Valve (EVMV) to find 0.040” diameter or larger EVAP system leaks. Federal vehicles can utilize a 0.040" leak check rather than the 0.020 ...
  • The check engine light and service engine soon light are often mistaken for one another and many are confused as to what they each mean. The Check Engine Light will usually show the outline of an engine. For instance: If you fill your gas tank while the engine is running, this may cause the...

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This video goes trough few things you should do before replacing the gas cap on your vehicle. This quick how to video will help you save time and money.SUBSC...
May 08, 2012 · According to Cadillac, that means it’s a virtual certainty that the XTS’s fuel door will never trigger a check engine light, which could prompt an unnecessary and inconvenient service visit. Cadillac says the XTS will feature a standard 3.6-liter direct-injection V6 mated to a six-speed automatic transmission when it goes on sale in May.

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check engine comes on solid a few days ago. Then my wife said she got a gas cap warning. I also have my engine check light which came on and then it went away and now its back on again, I know my gas cap is tight.
Has your Volkswagen's check engine light come on? Why and whatt does it mean? Get the details on what this light could mean here. A loose gas cap can allow oxygen to get into the gas tank and can trip up the oxygen sensor, which in turn illuminates the check engine light.

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Apr 05, 2020 · A check engine light on a Ford Explorer sometimes indicates a simple problem, such as a gas cap that needs tightening, or something more complex and expensive, such as a bad catalytic converter. It often requires a trip to the repair shop to diagnose the problem causing the warning light. Automobiles have onboard computers that keep track of many different indicators of how the vehicle is operating.
Got a pesky engine light that's been glaring at you for weeks? Read on and you can fix it yourself. Is it safe to drive your car with the check engine light on? There are several reasons why a check engine light may illuminate on your instrument cluster.