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  • I have baby bearded dragons that have just hatched but will not be able to go until 6 weeks old of age minimum. If interested message me!! Photos in the ad are the parents yellow/citrus het trans is the mother father is a leather back, hypo het trans, het zero.
  • Exotic reptiles for sale in Sacramento, CA. Terms and Conditions Contact Khavong Pha (KP) 559-476-6096 (Call & Text) [email protected]
  • Citrus Bearded Dragons. from $94.95 ... Red Dunner Bearded Dragons. $129.00 Sold Out Witblits Bearded Dragons. $199.00 Sold Out Baby Hypo Silkie Bearded Dragons ...
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  • Bearded Dragon Central has baby bearded dragons starting at $99.99 shipped over night to your door. If you are interested in purchasing a Bearded Dragon that isn't listed on the website, please click on the contact us page and send us an email or give us a call at 954-650-6326 about your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.
  • I have lots of babies and available dragons First off I have to baby zeros around 10 weeks old they are all hypo 100%het trans. Some dunners some normal £275 each I have some normal hypo citrus babies for £40 each I have some hypo red leatherbacks, dunners and normals from £100-150. I have a grown on hypo dunner orange female 100% trans £200
  • Dunner Bearded Dragons The dunner bearded dragons carry a design that is different than the traditional pattern of a bearded dragon. Dots and blotches are found on the back of the dragon between the normal shield pattern, along with lines and streak that run down the tail.

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I have 4 baby dragons up for rehoming Female Dunner Witblits het hypo and trans 50% het zero- four 00 Female hypo citrus tiger leather -two50 Male Dunner Witblits het hypo and trans 50% het zero- three50 Female orange leatherback het witblits,hypo,and trans 50% het zero-two50 Bearded dragon lizard reptile Contact me via text show contact info
Normal - Bearded dragon offspring from breeding two bearded dragons with different traits. Hypo - Bearded dragon offspring from breeding two bearded dragons with hypomelanism traits. Generally the offspring are lighter in color and have a sigificant reduction of dark colors in the skin, eyes, and nails.

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Jun 29, 2019 · Bearded dragons are solitary creatures, so unless you are deliberately intending to breed them you don’t actually need to know whether they are male or female. So go nuts. Make whatever choice works for you, your beardie will be just as happy as a Zigar The Great as he will as a Matilda.
At Atomic Lizard Ranch, we carry Red, Citrus, Orange, Hypo, and many more types of color patterns for you to choose from. Know that your purchase of a Bearded Dragon from us comes with much more than just a new friend.

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Bearded dragons are naturally a yellowish color, so yellow morphs are a natural progression. There are a range of yellows, from all gold dragons, to dragons with bright lemon backs and white bellies, and citrus dragons with deeply saturated yellow bodies and reddish beards.
Bearded Dragon Behavior Contact Us Guarantees ... Cheshire - Male Hypo Het Trans Citrus Dunner. Cinnamon - Male German Giant Citrus Leatherback Double Het .