• Sep 29, 2016 · Dart 355cnc heads. Made 800hp @6300 on a 540. Dart single plane+ Dominator Brodix BB3 332 cnc heads. Swapped to a smaller cam motor lost 20hp on Dyno but picked up low end torque which is normal. Swapped Dart intake for Edelbrock tunnel ram 2 1050's made 850hp with the smaller came and even more torque all the way through.
  • Performer™ RPM Dual Plane Intake Manifold by Edelbrock®. The Performer RPM manifoldis ideal for anybody looking to build a carbureted engine with an operating range between 1,500 - 6,500 rpm. It allows the use of a carburetor on these...
  • On four stroke engines, it is important to realize that the cam rotates once for every two rotations of the crankshaft.Volumetric efficiency is based on cylinder fill. If a 2.0L engine is filled with 2.0L of an air/fuel mixture, we say its volumetric efficiency is 100%. If a 2.0L engine fills with 3.0L of an air/fuel m
  • Max Rpm 6200-6400. -design parameters with the goal of a mid range motor with lots of torque.-not a top end screamer, yet not a barely warmed over stocker.-I posted this subject hoping to spark some discussion about the theory that goes into intake selection.
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  • Re: BB guys inside here please!! Brodix or Dart intake? Which gear choice? 10.5-1 505 with Brodix RR ovals, Edelbrock Performer Rpm, 1" open spacer, 2x3" Hedmans, smaller cam than you mentioned and a 950HP with 4.10 gears---ran a new best 1/8th this past weekend [email protected]+ with a crosswind on worn out slicks.
  • RPM Range: 1500 to 6500. Crosswind Intake Manifold; 1500-6500 RPM Range; Oval Ports; Machine Polished Finish (Brighter than satin, but not fully polished) Air Gap Design; Allows Ambient Air To Pass Beneath The Plenum; Additional Cooling To The Intake Charge; Four Corner Water Ports; Dual Distributor Holddowns
  • 434ci SBC DART RHS Heads - 1.43 HP/CI 620HP 489ci BBC 781 RPM AG 91 octane -1.28 HP/CI 627HP 496ci BBC Dart 275 91 octane 1.33 HP/CI 660HP 496ci BBC Full Port 781 93 octane -1.44HP/CI 712HP 385ci SBC Vortec 062 91 octane 1.35 HP/CI 521HP 496ci BBC 781 RPM AG 91 octane - 1.12 HP/CI 548HP 555ci BBC Dart Brodix 91 octane -1.30 HP/CI 722HP

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I never questioned my dart intake until I started reading this section. I have a out of the box dart intake on my mild 496. It a low rpm combo it stops making HP @ 6400rpm. Shifting at 6500 gives me the best et. How much am I leaving on the table compared to a super Victor or sniper Jr? Is it...
Dart Single Plane Intake Manifold, BBC, Oval Port 41214000 $458.95 Dart Intake Manifold, Fits BBC Chevy, 9.800 Deck Height block, 4150 Carb Flange, Oval Port, Aluminum, Single Plane

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Jul 24, 2015 · This slightly compromises idle quality and reduces torque at the bottom of the RPM range. However, it does make the intake a little less sensitive to carb CFM. Fig. 6.18. If you need to keep overall costs down without compromising quality, a high-flow dual-plane intake with a plenum cutout (shown) used with a 750 vacuum secondary Holley works well.

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