• Secunia Research. The Secunia Research team from Flexera is comprised of a number of security specialists who—in addition to testing, verifying, and validating public vulnerability reports—conduct their own vulnerability research in various products.
  • Event 36870, Schannel: A fatal error occurred when attempting to access the SSL server credential private key. The error code returned from cryptographic module is 0x8009030D.
  • OCS User Services: 30903, 30904, 30961, 30983, 32016, 32027, 32030, 32034, 32068, 32073, 32075 OCS WMI Event Provider: 56013, 56019 OCS MCU Factory: 51009, 51011 This is what leads me to believe the issue is related to our SQL servers:-----The WMI event provider could not connect to pool backend server. Pool backend: 'SQLSERVERNAME'.
  • Apr 03, 2013 · Linux is the operating system of choice for most servers on the Internet and is growing in popularity as a desktop operating system. However, simply migrating to Linux on your desktop doesn't guarantee that you can still interact with all of the enterprise resources that your job or interests may require. This article discusses additional configuration tasks that you may need to undertake to ...
  • To quote the recent Microsoft DCOM Event ID 10016 is logged in Event Viewer Knowledge Base article: These 10016 events are recorded when Microsoft components tries to access DCOM components without the required permissions. In this case, this is expected and by design.
  • View photos, property record valuation and tax data for 1830 Mcdowell St Augusta GA 30904. Type: Single Family Residential, Sq. Ft: 2,242, Bedrooms: 3, Baths: 2.
  • Once SMB Client sent IO it starts a timer. If IO does not complete in 1-4 minutes then SMB Client will suspect that there might be something wrong with the network. It will disconnect the socket and would retry all IOs using another socket on another channel. If all channels were tried then IO would fail with STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT.
  • Sep 26, 2018 · Source: Microsoft-Windows-SMBClient Event ID: 30910 Level: Informational. Description: The client supports SMB Direct (RDMA) and SMB Encryption is in use. Share name: <Share name> Guidance: For optimal SMB Direct performance, you can disable SMB Encryption on the server for shares accessed by this client. This configuration is less secure and ...

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Jan 13, 2018 · See smbclient man page or read our previous post about “sending a message to Windows Workstation” with smbclient command: man smbclient #10: Bash Socket Programming. Under bash you can open a socket to pass some data through it. You don’t have to use curl or lynx commands to just grab data from remote server.
When viewing the calendar, the "click to hide" link text is repeated often and should be unique for each type of event to show or hide. This could be done by changing the visual text on the page to something like "click to hide global events." Alternatively, an image could be used (like the eye icon) and the alt text could be unique for each link.

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Microsoft network server: Server SPN target name validation level The server message block (SMB) protocol provides the basis for file and printer sharing and many other networking operations, such as remote Windows administration.
Session ID: 0x85E8F344 Tree ID: 0x864F89E8 Guidance: You should expect this event if there was a previous event 30807, but the client successfully resumed the cached connection before the timeout expired. From the nas01.itfellas.internal management portal, i can see a connection entry coming from the IP address of the server from the Server ...

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I am also seeing the event ID 30803, the patch referenced above is already installed on my servers. Did anyone find a fix for this? Thursday, June 2, 2016 12:17 AM