• Which includes firearms instruction course, and does include instruction in physical combat or self-defense. Seminars teach about common weaknesses that criminals may take advantage of, and teaches a variety of corrective measures that are practical, inexpensive, and easy to follow. A modified seminar may address specific topics.
  • Firearms Services The Firearms Records Bureau is the Commonwealth's repository for all firearms license and transaction data, issues non-resident firearms licenses and resident alien permits, and provides guidance to local licensing officers.
  • Training Firearms 76 Items 74 Items Close. FILTER Category Self Defense & Police Gear Training Firearms Inert Practice Spray/Cartridges ...
  • Aug 15, 2020 · Firearms training offered for people with physical challenges Adaptive Shooting Sports Tulsa and the Mid-America Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America are offering a chance for people with...
  • GAFASTA is a provider of the highest level of firearms training and awareness presentations throughout Georgia including Atlanta, Gainesville, Athens, Rome and Savannah. GAFASTA develops tailor-made programs for groups, businesses and individuals that want the best training available to meet their specific needs.
  • We provide training for citizens to obtain their Texas LTC (formally CHL) as well as additional handgun and tactical rifle training. We are based in Grayson County (Sherman, Texas) but serve the North Texas area.
  • OpSpec Training offers private firearms training for law enforcement agencies as well as military Training done right! Read the course information and you won't be disappointed. Jerry Jones is as...
  • Firearms Training GORUCK Cadre are world class shooters and teachers, having honed their skills by firing millions of rounds and instructing hundreds of thousands of students in both training and in war. GORUCK Firearms Cadre are current or former counter-terrorism soldiers.

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Specialist firearms officers (SFOs) are AFOs trained in skills such as dynamic intervention and dynamic entry and may intervene in more serious firearms incidents such as sieges or high-risk pre-planned operations. SFOs receive a higher level of training than AFOs, in areas such as method of entry into various structures and in the use of specialist weapons and equipment.
Firearms training is a critical aspect of law enforcement. Police officers must be able to use handguns, rifles and shotguns under extraordinary stress and the only way to ensure superior performance is excellent training. These articles offer ideas on both training with guns and on the gear itself.

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Welcome to Tactical Elite Training Academy, a Law Enforcement, Security, and Firearms based training school headquartered in Colorado. Here at Tactical Elite, we offer all aspects of training for your needs from Home Protection to Occupational Licenses such as armed security guard training courses.
Equipment required: Suitable clothing for firearms training, eye protection, ball cap or other brimmed hat, hearing protection, water bottle, and rain gear if necessary. Service pistol, belt and holster, three pistol magazines, magazine pouches, body armor, shotgun, 500 rounds pistol ammunition, 15 slug rounds, 25 buckshot an d50 birdshot or ...

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Call L&L firearms training @ (951) 970-1018. For our CCW courses, Find the date you would like to attend and click on the link.
Firearms Professional Training (815) 385-5522 Email: [email protected]