• five star . pairing - spencer reid x reader . summary - the team goes out to a fancy restaurant. warning - mentions of case . word count - ? the team had just finished one of the biggest cases of the year. for the past week, they had been tracking and studying a group of unsubs who were terrorizing cities across america. finally, they were reprimanded and sent to prison.
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  • cold medicine {george, fred} false {george x reader} second {george x reader} textbook {george x reader} love poems {george x reader} handsy {george x reader} gifts {weasley family} terrified {george x reader} pillow talk {george x reader} hot {george x oc} lovely {george x oc} fluent {george x oc} MUTE {GEORGE X READER} – complete! pt 1 | pt ...
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Rationale: Bacterial pneumonia is a major cause of morbidity for HIV-infected persons and contributes to excess mortality in this population.. Objectives: To evaluate the frequency and risk factors for occurrence of bacterial pneumonia in the present era of potent antiretroviral therapy.
OC: Vivien Weasley FACECLAIM: Emma Stone TITLE: Simple Joys of Maidenhood FANDOM: Harry Potter SUMMARY: Not all twins are like Fred and George. The younger set of Weasley twins Ronald & Vivien prove that. Vivien, a bit spoiled by her mother for being the first Weasley daughter.

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The Effect of Breaking Waves on CO _ 2 Air-Sea Fluxes in the Coastal Zone. NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Gutiérrez-Loza, Lucía; Ocampo-Torres, Francisco J.; García-Nava, Héctor
836K 23K 50 Just a (not so) short Fred x Reader. Begins right before the Quidditch world cup. You're staying at the burrow with your best friends, Fred and George Weasley.

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Czasami pamięć o zmarłych jest jak kamień w bucie... - Pokątna 93 [FW x OC] ... Gdyby jeszcze Fred i George tu byli... Uśmiecham się pod nosem na tę wizję.
Remus x Reader x Babies x Fluff. My Own Prompts: Imagine Fred/George Reaction. Sirius Black - TW Character Death. Poems: Sirius Black - Atonement ***** Criminal Minds. Aaron Hotchner - Needing Heat. David Rossi/Daughter - Daddy TW Abuse/Kidnapping. Morgan/Reid - TW Stripper/Sexually Suggestive Themes. Aaron Hotchner - Happy Birthday ~ TW Smut