• The Daisy Model 10 Carbine has a stained, solid wood forearm and stock. The barrel is black steel. There is a saddle ring and a leather thong as well. This BB gun is light weight, small, and easy to use. Its fairly modular design allows for easy tear down and repair. Weight: 1.60 lbs. Action: Lever cocking, spring air. Sights: Blade and ramp ...
  • With your rifle taped off, place it on a cradle-like support such as a pair of saw horses or over an open trash can. The idea is to hold the rifle in such a way so you can easily turn it over ...
  • Click on the links below or you can even do a search. Please note that pricing on exploded view of parts (EVPs) is subject to change. For current prices, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-7AIRGUN (724-7486). We recently changed some things on our PCP and Break Barrel Air Rifle warranties.
  • Aug 24, 2019 · Clear the action, make your gun safe and check the barrel. Squibs occur most commonly with hand loads, but factory ammunition can produce one as well. Clearing a squib with tap-rack-bang! is not possible. You may be able to remove the bullet with a barrel cleaning rod.
  • Spray oil into the top portion of the trigger where it inserts into the cocking mechanism. Hold the gun upside down for 30 seconds and then flip it over to let excess oil run out. Let the rifle dry for half an hour and then wipe the trigger area with a paper towel to ensure dryness. Pull the trigger through its full range of motion.
  • You should be able to remove the Lever pivot screw [on a Marlin anyway] and pull out the lever. That may let the bolt wiggle enough to free up what's jamming it so you can slide the bolt out. Ejector sounds like a good suspect but then again once at the range I had a guy with a cleaning patch down in the action . . .
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  • It typically jammed after the second round and the trigger pull was at least 8 lbs. Lot of great memories with that gun though, and a lot more deer died from it than I can remember. Couldn’t wait upgrade and get rid of it, and now there isn’t gun in my safe I wouldn’t trade to have it back.

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I am dead set on making another tactical lever action rifle. I think I’ve mentioned before that I am going to use a Winchester 92 type platform and I’ve settled on the Rossi example of the breed. I’m thinking 16 inches on the barrel and a scout mount for a low set red dot. This Caliber Conundrum has me flummoxed. .44 Mag or .357 Mag.

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How the Rifle and Handgun Fire; Video: How a Cartridge Is Fired; Video: How the Rifle and Handgun Fire; How the Shotgun Shoots; Topic 4: Common Features of Firearms: Actions. Introduction to Firearm Actions; Bolt Action; Video: How a Bolt-Action Rifle Fires; Lever Action; Video: How a Lever-Action Rifle Fires; Pump Action; Semi-Automatic (or ...
Think the first thing I'd do is remove the lever and pull the bolt out of it and roll the rifle over so the round come out the ejection port. Looks like it works like a Marlin 336 from what I can tell of the diagram.

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Mar 12, 2016 · Action was exceptionally smooth when levering slowly. Accuracy was very good and sights came up to my eyes well. Cons-First try at a double tap gun jammed. Anything faster than a 12 second string you could feel the bullets banging around inside the action. (maybe loose on carrier?) A bit of a pain to load/reload compared to my '73.
Aug 31, 2016 · And when you think of a cowboy rifle, you probably picture something a little more like this. Now what if I were to ask you what a high-capacity cowboy rifle looked like? Allow me to introduce you to the Evans Repeating Rifle—an antique lever action capable of holding 34 rounds, the highest capacity of any rifle produced in the 19th century.