• Page 2 du sujet Presets utilisateurs dans Line 6 HX Stomp. Chaque mois, l'équipe d'Audiofanzine reçoit un invité spécial pour son podcast !
  • The HX Stomp is equipped for real-world gigging applications with 126 user presets for guitars Not only does the HX Stomp give you 126 presets for real-world gigging applications, but it also comes...
  • Production Music Live Diva Preset Pack Melodic House by Bound To Divide.
  • So my fastest and most popular preset on Customtone is the King Fullerton. So here is a video discussing and playing through the preset! Hope you enjoy.FULL ...
  • Jul 10, 2020 · The brand recently unveiled a new version of the HX Stomp, finished in "Stomptrooper White." Aside from its looks, this version of the HX Stomp is the same as its darker counterpart, with 300+ effects and amps, 126 presets, four-cable amp integration and a USB recording output. The Line 6 HX Stomp in Stormptrooper White is available now for $649.
  • Presets chains included: TheWavMan - Travis Scott Vocal Preset Chain (FLP) TheWavMan - Juice Wrld Vocal Preset Chain (FLP) TheWavMan - Lil Mosey Vocal Preset Chain (FLP).
  • Dec 11, 2019 · 3 Amazing patches to cover your Metal Addiction!!!. Heavy, very heavy tones!!! Based on the famous ENGL FIREBALL amp. Signal Chain: Line 6 HX Stomp – Katana MKI Return or Katana MKII Power Amp In – SM 57 – UAD Apollo Twin – Logic Pro X (No post fx)
  • I love my HX Stomp. I love the Pod Go, which is roughly the same thing in a different form factor. Like a lot of people, I heard the hype that you needed to pay for some good IR files to get the best of a Helix-based product, and that the presets sucked.

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Titan HX Stomp Guitar Presets $ 24.99 Add to cart; Related products. Helix Omega Presets $ 24.99 Add to cart; Aurora Snapshots Preset Patch $ 31.99 Add to cart; VEGA HYBRID PATCH PRESET $ 19.99 Add to cart; HD 500X Preset Pack $ 31.99 Add to cart
Expand the functionality of your HX Stomp with this 2 button foot switch. Hand wired in the Peach workshop each one is tested before it's sent out and it's as simple as hooking it up to your HX Stomp with a TRS cable (also available from Peach) to give you additional switches to use. Most common use is to scroll up/down through presets but ...

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Drone Pad Generated with 3 note generator+Ambient Guitar for the HX Stomp. ... Modeling Presets by Worship Guitarists. Helix Patches HX Stomp Drone Pad All Keys.
Grab our Pasadena Complete Helix, HX Stomp & HX Effects preset packages and sound like the man himself. Covering all eras of VH tone. PodGo users, we've also got the Van Halen fans covered in our PodGo Starter Kit (10 preset bundle) as well.

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I have been using HX Stomp for the past 6 months and have some remarks. 1). It's really well-built, has tons of features & the sound quality is really professional - really nothing to complain about. 2). It has some added uses - about which you might have not known:
HX Stomp ganó el "Premio al Logro Técnico TEC 2020", en la categoría de Amplificación y Efectos de Instrumentos Musicales en la última edición del NAMM Show. El HX Stomp es un procesador de...