• Feb 11, 2007 · Some mantras in fact have a double KURU.(Such as the powerful Solar mantra quoted earlier) It is curious however, that such a beautiful,peaceful and uplifting mantra i.e. the White Tara Mantra(in a way it is a prayer as well) should have such a strong “fiery” ending.
  • all_shades,_all_hues,_all_blue_・点・・BOOKMOBI K & 1r 8/ @g H| P・ Y4 a・ jT r・ z・ ・ 郷 ・ 戉 ・ ョ カ・"ソ $ヌ・&ミ3(リ *珮,餝. 0・2 ・4 ヘ6 K8 ッ: "H * > 1 @ 7・B ?シD H F PkH X・J `・L h N p・P y-R ∴T 過V 拓X 啻Z 「H\ ェ・^ イ|` サ b テTd ヒ「f モ|h ロ j ・l ・n p ・r t ・v ・x vz %シ| .+~ 6ナ ? ・ GR・ OQ・ W・・ _ヤ・ g ...
  • CLOA KROOM/ STUDY ‘We desperately needed an expansive area to store shoes, coats, buggies and bikes,’ says Sophie, ‘but I still wanted it to look stylish.’ ... What’s your mantra ...
  • All around it place the five Kaamya Siddhi Phals. Then chant the following Mantra 21 times each time offering rice grains on one Maayaa Beej. love and happy co-ordination this sadhana is very effective. put it in a clean cloth chanting the Mantra. bhabhuti (Ash of hawana) and many other astrological items.
  • om shreem kreem kroom kuleerasthaa om kreem shreem koormaprushThagaa || 67 || om shreem dhoom totalaa svaahaa om traum tribhuvanaarchitaa | om preem preetirhasouh preetaam preem prabhaa preem pureshvaree || 68 || om preem parvataputree cha om preem parvatavaasinee | om shreem preetipradaa svaahaa om aim sattvaguNaashritaa || 69 ||
  • MANTRA : KROOM Tantra is a form of spiritual exercise which is based on Intense arousal of emotions with self and your loved one. Tantric way of Mediation gi...
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  • May 18, 2014 · karuppasami mantra, om kroom, கருப்பசாமி மந்திரம் ஸ்ரீ கருப்பசாமி மந்திரம். English-Tamil- தமிழ் , Lyrics, வரிகள்.

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**WARNING** ANCIENT TANTRIC FREQUENCIES WITH KROOM MANTRA : VERY POWERFUL ! Brigitte Lahaie 1977; Le Pouvoir de la Rétention Séminale ! Deep Sleep Relaxing Music. 432 Hz. Delta Waves. Calming Music for Stress Relief, Therapy, Meditation; WARNING ! SEXUAL ATTRACTION MANTRA : VERY POWERFUL !
**warning** ancient tantric frequencies with kroom mantra : very powerful ! Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Cathar Music - Caballero del Grial - White Cross of Hyperborea (432hz)

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