• — Solingen-Gräfrath. RZM M7/26RZM M7/118RZM 324/##/SS. — He. Jacobs C. Rudolf. RZM M7/20RZM M7/89. — — Mann & Federlein (Mannos). 1895. Solingen-Ohligs.
  • This Marlin Model 1895SS Lever action rifle is Chambered in .45-70 Govt and is in Pristine Condition! JM Marked Barrel, It is equipped with swivel slings and a nice leather sling, side hammer extension, fixed hooded front sight and adjustible rear, and Topped With a Redfield 1" Tube 2X-7X Scope and Lens Covers.
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  • I found a Marlin 1895SS in 45-70 today which I think I can pickup for about $450. It's in really nice shape from what I can tell, serial number indicates it's a 1995 manufacture so it's squarely out of the Remlin era. The barrel looks to be about 22" and that's where I have a couple of concerns.
  • Early style 1895 crescent style buttstock and octagon forearm; the largest Marlin lever-action receiver. Late style 1895 introduced in 1972, built upon the Model 336 receiver. Note: to retrofit your late model 1895 with an early-style crescent buttstock, see our Cowboy Action Shooter page.
  • To determine the value of your firearm, you must first analyze it carefully. There will be sufficient information in this course to accurately price and generally date your 1894 Marlin rifle. As you go through the process fill in appropriate boxes in the right-hand column by clicking the mouse-pointer on the open circle that is most appropriate.
  • Aug 04, 2013 · Marlin’s 1895 in 45-70. Have you played around with Marlin 336’s? If you have, you already have a very good idea of what’s in store with the 1895. Side eject, side loading tube magazine, decent ergonomics with the pistol grip stock. There is a straight grip stock available and I can’t say I’d recommend it.

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Feb 18, 2011 · Marlin 336, 444SS, 1895G, 1895SS Any 336 Framed Gun; 30AW. The Model Golden 39A is built of forged steel parts and American grown black walnut. Marlin Lever Action gun Parts, Marlin 22 Automatic Parts, Marlin Bolt.. 124.99 #8 ballard union hill marlin original models 25 27 29 39a 1889 1892. Marlin Model 990, 22LR Cal, Semi-Auto, 4X32 Scope.
Marlin 1895 Laminated Stock Set

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The authors personal experiences with a number of different .45-70 rifles over the past 4 decades. Soft cover, 184 pages. The Table of Contents includes the following:
Go to this page there is a photo you can zoom that will show you the serial number from one that is for sale at Rock Island Auction. Ruger M77 Serial Number Here is the whole database to search if you want to view others.

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The 1895 Marlin system was identical to the 1893 rifle invented by L. L. Hepburn, and was also an updated successor to the 1881 and 1889 Marlin rifles. This Marlin lever action rifle was produced starting in 1895 with 5,304 guns produced through 1906 (of which only 205 were carbines), and 18,000 manufactured through 1917.
I've bought a new "MKS GEN_L V1.0" and I'm trying to configure it with Marlin 1.1.X. I changed motherboard in configuration.h from previous error "Unknown MOTHERBOARD value set in Configuration.h" ^. In file included from sketch\MarlinConfig.h:42:0