• Jul 22, 2012 · It is a Model 1855 Full Stock Military Rifle - The 5-shot rifle was chambered for the .56 caliber, while the 6-shot was chambered for the .44 caliber. The barrels are round and part-octagonal where they join the frame, 21" - 37" long. The hammer and loading lever are case-colored; the rest of the metal parts blued.
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  • I do know that Palmetto has the worst reputation of all the Italian gun companies for producing well made guns and $2250 price Dixie is asking for this rifle puts it WAY out beyond anything I would pay for it. As for the rifle, Colt was a firm believer in his revolving rifles and tried many times to sell them to the Military.
  • This is a super rare replica of the Colt Root 1855 nipple wrench.. This is almost identical to the Colt Walker nipple wrench, but sized to remove the longer and larger nipples of the Colt 1855 Palmetto replica Rifle.. These came with the rifle when It was sold 15 years ago.. Almost impossible to find now. Shipping from Italy
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  • le produzione di Palmetto è buona, io ho provato il Colt-Root revolving rifle che è ben fatto. Ovviamente ha tutti i difetti dell'arma originale e va usato con prudenza con la mano di sostegno sempre DIETRO il tamburo, come insegnavano i manuali d'epoca. Usando palle ogivali prodotte con un fondipalle originale per fucile Colt si
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Ras,I have typed in Root revolving rifle,1855 Root rifle,etc.,into the Dixie home page,and never could make the rifle come up.All it said was "no matches found'.I must be doing something wrong.Of course,your link worked.
Dec 26, 2020 · The Colt Revolving Rifle of 1855 - aptly named the "Model 1855" - was an attempt to provide the repeating action of a revolver within a shortened rifle form ("carbine"). Carbines were typically shortened-barrel forms of longer rifle counterparts and were suitable for use by mounted troops or second-line infantry (while also being a firearms category still in use today).

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1858 Remington Army Revolver .44cal by Euroarms $ $ 1851 Colt Navy by Euroarms steel frame $ $ 1858 Remington Navy Revolver. .36 cal by Euroarms $ $ 1855 Colt Root Side Hammer Revolver by Palmetto 5 1/2" barrel in .36 cal. N.A. N.A. 1860 Colt Army Steel Frame .44cal by Euroarms $ 1861 Whitney by Palmetto Arms : N.A. N.A. Rogers & Spencer by ...
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The Colt Model 1855 Sidehammer, also known as the Colt Root Revolver after engineer Elisha K. Root (1808–1865), was a cap & ball single-action pocket revolver used during the American Civil War and made by the Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company in two calibers: .28 and .31.
The Palmetto Arms 1855 New Model revolver is an unusual, value for money pistol and should find favour with those looking to shoot something that is just bit different. I would like to thank Henry Krank for supplying the pistol for review.