• At ICT Billet, we utilize the latest in technology to ensure each product fits the first time. Our in-house team of engineers work diligently to design and create the best possible products so that you can avoid the headaches and frustrations of cheap, poorly manufactured LS swap parts.
  • The pigtail (electrical connector) that connects to the camshaft sensor was broken and all messed up. So I changed the camshaft sensor, got a new pigtail but have no idea how I'm supposed to connect the wires.
  • iso 9001, iso 9000, iso 14001, iso 14000, iso 20000, ohsas/ ohsms 18001, iatf16949, hse
  • What are NEiS? National Electrical Installation Standards are the first quality standards for electrical construction, developed by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), in partnership with several industry organizations, to clearly define the actions needed to perform an installation in a “neat and workmanlike manner”, as often referenced in the NEC.
  • Pigtails. GAOTek provides a collection of electrical product testers such as spectrum analyzers, digital oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, logic analyzers and generators.
  • Pigtail connectors are a perfect addition to any wiring application. Use electrical pigtail wire connectors to replace or add new LED lights on your vehicle. LED pigtail connectors are also very handy if there is more than one wire that needs to be connected to a device.
  • 7.3L Power Stroke ICP Sensor Replacement How to Replace the ICP Sensor on a 7.3L Power Stroke. The injector control pressure (ICP) sensor is found on 7.3L and 6.0L Power Stroke engines, which feature a high pressure oil system that utilizes oil pressure as a means of pressurizing fuel in the body of each injector.
  • Circuit Testers. You need to have a voltage tester of some type for electrical work, and one that you trust is working properly! This can be anything from a $2 neon voltage check, to a $2000 digital...

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Wiring Pigtail Kits Terminal Release Tools Rotunda and Electrical Engineering worked together to design 3 new terminal release tools to allow technicians to easily remove terminals from Ford connectors. These tools coincide with the release by Ford of 9 terminal repair kits to allow you to
The National Electrical Code has several requirements applicable to emergency systems, legally required standby systems, essential electrical systems and optional standby systems. From a basic performance standpoint, the...

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A ground pigtail is a safe way connection to make sure multiple wires stay connected to a screw terminal. You can also create a pigtail to extend a wire that is too short in an electrical box.
7440 W215W Pigtail Bulb Socket Connector Wiring: 7443 W21W Pigtail Bulb Socket Connector Wiring: 3047 3057 3155 3156 3157 3157LL 3357 3454 3457 3757 4057 4114 4114LL 4114K 4157 4157LL Pigtail Bulb Socket Connector Wiring : 7440 2 Wire: 7443 3 Wire

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This tester helps you to quickly identify problems in your trailer wiring. It tests the left turn, right turn, tail/marker, brake and backup circuits to indicate the level of current in each circuit. It also tests the voltage of the trailer battery.
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