• • “Romantic Moods”, Schumann “Leiderkreis”, Op. 39, Connie Heindereich, soprano, Abe Minzer, piano, and . works by Clara Schumann and Bloch. Feb 2012 • Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1 (complete), Abe Minzer, piano, Dec 2011 • “England at War”, music for voice, violin, horn and piano. Britten Serenade, Lennox Berkeley ...
  • Dec 04, 2020 · The Emersons transform Schumann's emotional volatility into pure gold. by Greg Keane on December 4, 2020 Eugene Drucker, First Violin of the Emersons, writes that “rarely has mental instability created such a rich aesthetic harvest” as in the music of Robert Schumann, especially in the three string quartets, composed in a matter of weeks ...
  • Apr 19, 2020 · If two waves with equal amplitudes and wavelengths travel through a medium in such a way that a particular particle of the medium is at the crest of one wave and at the trough of the other wave at the same time, what will happen to that particle? A. The particle will vibrate with double amplitude due to resonance. B.
  • Schumann Piano Works. Discography. Kevin Kenner, 2012 [email protected] [email protected]
  • The Schumann went dark, A major \"murder\" happened in a major Iraq grid point, and lighting and fire energy \"is hitting\" Uluru and Southern Australia. Source, and Gaia with the cards seem to think it\'s a gift! Please report what you\'ve witnessed today January 3, 2020 for us all, thank you!! Schumann Links:
  • He established that lightning storms as they swooped down the Rockies and then rumbled across the plains into Kansas were resonating at a frequency of 7.68-7.82 cycles per second, or “Hertz” (Hz) This natural phenomenon was rediscovered in the 1960s by researcher W.O. Schumann while working for the Navy on ways to broadcast nuclear war ...
  • We are proposing, along with Pitkanin and Sidorov, that the Schumann Resonance (SR) may be the substrate for a radar-type extrasensory perception mechanism common to all living beings. Like water bouncing off of rocks and other submerged objects, this non-specific frequency is absorbed and re-radiated in unique interference patterns by all objects it encounters.
  • The amplitude of Schumann resonances does change and is bigger when ionospheric plasma gets excited. Ionospheric plasma excitation happens because of solar activity, thunderstorms, use of scalar plasma weapons and HAARP and lately also when the Light forces are clearing the plasma anomaly.

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Schumann Resonance & Inspired Energy Dec 30 Full Moon – Bringing the Dark Side of Our Human Nature into Alignment with Divine Will Schumann Resonance & Inspired Energy Wow was I so excited when, while making this video, it came to me so clearly – what the Great Awakening, currently underway throughout Human consciousness, is all about.
7.83hz Personal Pocket Transmitter (Schumann Resonance) « on: November 03, 2010, 01:15:34 am » Hi All I am looking to make a pocket size transmitter that runs at a very low frequency (7.83hz) also known as the Schumann resonance.

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The Schumann Resonance is a global electromagnetic resonance named by physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952. The Schumann resonance is the pulse of Mother Earth. This "heartbeat" refers to the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the Earth.
In 1954, Schumann and H.L. König confirmed Schumann's hypothesis by detecting resonances at a main frequency of 7.83 Hz; thus, the "Schumann resonance" was established by measuring global electromagnetic resonances generated and excited by lightning discharges in the ionosphere.

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Schumann Resonance: Android app (3.5 ★, 1,000+ downloads) → The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low - Added a historical view of the Schumann charts. Now you can look back! - Added the current times for the measurement station in Russia, when the...
Looks like the Schumann Resonance of the Earth changed during/ after our worldwide meditation last nite (April 4, 2020 @10:45pm). Tens of thousands of people joined in the meditation. The numbers could have been higher, we do not know precisely. The data below is from Tomsk State University (Siberia) in Russia.