• Polyglycols ethers ensure the role of solvent in the fluid. They have to dissolve polyglycols and all other components in such a way to obtain a single-phased fluid to provide satisfactory lubrication under all temperatures. LUBRICANT BASIS 5 to 30%. Polyglycols are used as lubricants in proportion of up to 30% in brake fluids.
  • The cost of a transmission rebuild can be from $5,000to $10,000, and even higher on some cars. A Transmission Flush should be done every 30,000 to 40,000km as part of routine maintenance. At Kian Teong Auto with the most advanced equipment that allows us to replace every bit of the fluid in the complete transmission.
  • The patented LiquiVac Oil Change System vacuums the oil out through the dipstick tube, and turns your oil change nightmare into a dream. Just insert the hose into the dipstick tube, pump it up to create the powerful vacuum, then open the cap valve, and the LiquiVac’s vacuum action extracts the oil out the dipstick tube.
  • Although you want to change your power steering fluid long before this happens, if you are struggling to turn the steering wheel, this is a sure sign you have an issue with your power steering fluid. It may be that the level of power steering fluid is too low or that the fluid is spent, too thin or too contaminated.
  • Transmission Fluid Change How often should my transmission be flushed and the transmission fluid changed? Just as an engine requires regular oil changes to perform at its best and stay in good condition, your vehicle’s transmission needs scheduled fluid changes.
  • Aug 09, 2018 · On average, plan on budgeting anywhere from $70 to as much as $160 for the complete job. The cost will depend on where you live and the professional you take it to. As for the car you drive, 99 percent of the time it will be the same quote. YourMechanic.com, according to the quotes they have seen, varied anywhere from $82 to $135.
  • The Midas Touch® Maintenance Package consists of an oil and filter change, Midas Touch® Courtesy Check and a four wheel tire rotation. Midas Touch® Courtesy Check The Midas Touch® Courtesy Check is a multi-point visual inspection that helps identify areas that could need attention.
  • See full list on mercedesmedic.com

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BLAU Mercedes Benz E Class Automatic Transmission Fluid Change Kit Includes: 9 liters transmission fluid, filter, gasket, and hardware. Transmission fluid is an OEM Approved MB 236.15 (ATF134FE) transmission fluid specs. Mercedes Benz E250, E350, E400, E550, E63 AMG models with 722.9 plus 7 speed transmission and code A89.
Replacing a transmission in any vehicle is a fairly time consuming project. The actual time it takes really depends on an individual vehicle, however, the average time to take one out and replace it with a new or refurbished one takes approximately 2-5 days on average.

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Automatic transmission filter & fluid change Intervals depend on model and year. Refer to page 7. Diesel Models with Service Intervals every 15,000 KM or 1 year, whichever comes first – Prepaid Maintenance Select Coverage
Unlike most Mercedes-Benz vehicles, AMG® models need to start their Mercedes-Benz maintenance schedules at 2,000 miles, when they’re brought in for rear axle oil service. After that, they will follow standard Service A* and Service B* intervals at 10,000 and 20,000 miles until they reach their next unique 30,000-mile service interval.

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Transmission fluid not only keeps the transmission's many moving parts properly lubricated, but it prevents the unit from burning itself up, by providing much-needed cooling. In some vehicles, the transmission even has its own mini-radiator (an oil cooler) that circulates fluid to transport heat away from the transmission unit itself.
Keeping an eye on the level and the health of the fluid can save you a huge repair bill later on. You should change the fluid and filter every 30,000 miles. Removing Excess Fluid. You can use a hand pump to remove excess fluid if you have overfilled the transmission, or use a thin tube to siphon it out.