• Just kidding. I really did need to whip up a funnel But i ended up using part of a floor lamp. I recognize that most people probably don't have a bin of lap parts ready to become funnels though so the pen idea filled in as a bit more universal solution.
  • Mar 22, 2017 · A Repeat Buyer is > a Floor Up that is > someone pulled from the Service Lane who is > a Phone Up and all of these are far greater than an Internet Lead. BUT we spend thousands of dollars buying 3rd party Internet leads, we turn our websites into poor user experiences in the pursuit of capturing 1st party Internet leads, and we pay non ...
  • Funnel drain spout connects directly to remote waste collection container located out-of-the-way on the pressroom floor in back of press. This Drain Funnel reduces non-productive time freeing up your press for producing more saleable product.
  • Funnel. Bolt-on funnel for indirect drain waste pipes such as condensate discharge. Grating. Square or circular to suit floor finish. Bottle trap. Removable bottle trap for use with untrapped drain bodies or direct connection gratings. Clamp ring. Membrane clamp ring for sub-surface waterproof layer. Body
  • Position the Giant Funnel with the low side front under the drain and the high side to the rear. To prevent splashing from the funnel, loosen the pouring spout cap on the drain pan. Use the 15 mm wrench just to break the torque on the oil drain plug. Leave it hand snug. Using the 12" extension to reach over the Giant Funnel, unscrew the drain plug.
  • Cowl drain tube, If you are looking straight at the engine from the front it is behind the valve cover. It's about 10'' long. Some are all rubber and some are plastic with a 2 to 3'' rubber end on the bottom.
  • Drain pans and funnels are must-have tools for vehicle maintenance Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping! Save $10 off $299, $20 off $599, $30 off $799, $100 off $1,599 Orders
  • Sioux Chief 832 series adjustable fl oor drain shall be used where necessary in drainage systems. Floor drain shall allow adjustment of 1" before the concrete pour and 1" after the concrete pour. Floor drain shall have a Sch. 40 hub connection. Strainer shall be heel-proof and meet all applicable load requirements for intended use.

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Attach this drain funnel to any type of floor drain grate for indirect draining of up to three 1-1/2" drain pipes. Connects to any drain to contain condensate waste from multiple sources. This will help comply with health codes that require a 2" air gap. This funnel makes for a great splash guard, by directing water into the drain.
If you have a leaky shower drain and don’t want to cut open a finished ceiling to get at it from below, consider using a special drain such as the WingTite Drain, which can be installed from above if the drain is in a plastic or fiberglass shower base. This drain has an O-ring that seals to a typical 2-in. ABS or PVC drainpipe (adapters are ...

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For 6cm to 7cm Dia. Poly Drum Funnel Spouts, 1.1mm L x 1.1mm W Mesh Opening, 1 each As Low As £9.45 (Ex. VAT) Removable mesh filter removes debris or shavings as you pour.
Lisle 17892 Trans Drain Funnel. Heavy-duty plastic lift drain funnels extend the catch area of any lift drain. The funnel catches any loose parts. Flexible, if run over it will return to its original shape. Dimensions, 22" x 23".

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Sioux Chief 832 series Finish Line adjustable on-grade floor drain shall be used where necessary in drainage systems. Floor drain shall allow adjustment of 1.25" before the concrete pour, and 1.25" after the concrete pour. Floor drain shall have a Sch. 40 hub connection, which conforms to ASTM D2665 (PVC) or D2661 (ABS).
Add a funnel to your floor drain with this Zurn Z328-4 cast iron funnel converting assembly! Boasting a rugged cast iron construction, this funnel is a great way to direct water through a hose or other connection into your floor drain. It includes the fasteners needed to secure the funnel to your strainer for optimum convenience.<br><br><u>Overall Dimensions:</u><br>Top Diameter: 4"<br ...