• Excitation spectra. A fluorophore is excited most efficiently by light of a particular wavelength. This wavelength is the excitation maximum for the fluorophore. Light with a wavelength near the excitation maximum can also cause excitation, as shown by the shaded areas below, but it does so less efficiently.
  • Excitation is a complex reaction in which not only electrical but also structural, chemical (including enzymatic), physical (temperature), and other components play an essential role. Changes in membrane potential during excitation are the result of a selective increase in membrane permeability to extra- and intracellular ions, which is caused ...
  • What is the use of characterstic & excitation table of flip-flop?Can you explain characteristic table of D flip flop?(speicially ,when D=1,present state=1).
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  • Define excitatory. excitatory synonyms, excitatory pronunciation, excitatory translation, English dictionary definition of excitatory. or ex·ci·ta·to·ry adj. Causing or tending to cause excitation.
  • In an excitation generator, the main fields winding are in standstill position and the armature is the rotation condition. Her the output voltage of the excitation generator goes to the RRA assembly, which converts AC input voltage to DC Output voltage.
  • If excitation is increased, E cosδ > V, the generator delivers reactive power to the load and operates at lagging power factor. Upvote (1) Downvote (0) Reply (0)
  • brush less Excitation system B ) Brush-less Excitation. It is an excitation method with armature winding of exciter on the same shaft. Basically this system consists of a rectifier, main exciter and a pilot exciter with permanent magnet fields ( I mean generator with permanent magnet producing magnetic fields ).

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The process of generating a magnetic field by means of an electric current is called excitation. Field coils yield the most flexible form of magnetic flux regulation and de-regulation, but at the expense of a flow of electric current. Hybrid topologies exist, which incorporate both permanent magnets and field coils in the same configuration.

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Excitation System Protection. A power station’s synchronous generator consists of a rotor spinning in a magnetic field. This magnetic field is produced by the rotor’s field coils, and in order for electricity to be produced, a current must flow in the coils to generate the field. Coupling an excitation system to the same shaft as the rotor provides this field current, and enables the rotor to force the movement of electric charges.
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2. Characterize potential excitation functions. 3. Calculate the response of the structure to the maximum expected excitation. 4. Determine whether the expected response violates any failure criteria. This report is concerned with the first step.