• Reduces the threat by 2%. I am a 60 mage who has my talent tree spec'd to reduce frost spells by 30%, and arcane spells by 40%. You won't see me complaining about another 2%. Every percent counts in my opinion. In my opinion this enchant is great for any class who does'nt want aggro. It's a small bonus, but it may save you when you need it most.
  • Enhancement: Blacksmithing is a strong choice in both TBC (crafted weapons) and WotLK (flexible stat bonuses). As a secondary profession, Leatherworking offers you a strong advantage in TBC (yes, drums) but is still serviceable in WotLK, while Jewelcrafting is minor in TBC but offers you more
  • World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.1.2 (06/19/2007) General. Arena and Honor Rewards: As part of the inauguration of Season 2, the costs of all Arena items and Honor items has been reduced. Improved Mend Pet, Abolish Disease, and Abolish Poison no longer play sounds when there is nothing to dispel.
  • So i was bored decided to make a guide and i hope its helps someone :D Races: -Alliance: Ye the ussual choice is Gnome cause of escape artist.It's a really...
  • In WoW professions we now buid items that can rival the raid drop items and are far better than the dungeon drop items. They start small and can be made bigger and bigger. They all are created with what is called a <Random Enchantment>. We even craft items to take another roll at the <Random Enchantment> on the gear.
  • So World of Warcraft is an absolute cracker then (and for the record we'd give it a 9.3/10) and it's no surprise that gamers have been eagerly awaiting the first expansion. The Burning Crusade is certainly an expansion that World of Warcraft players are going to want to get their hands on.
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  • May 04, 2012 · World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade – PC – Review. By. jkdmedia- ... There is now a new jewelcrafting profession that players can pick ... racial bonus if they pick it up. Another ...

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The bonus applies to both weapons, and the damage increase is subject to damage reduction on an offhand (12 x 0.625 for dual wield specialization and The daze effect caused by Piercing Howl is not a "daze" for all spells and abilities that gain bonus damage versus dazed targets.
Dec 18, 2020 · The level cap was increased by ten once again, jumping from 70 to 80. Apart from the usual addition of new abilities, the refinement of the talent system, the new zones, and dungeons, Wrath of the Lich King also added a considerable amount of PvP content, introducing two new battlegrounds and two new arenas, as well as the first dedicated world PvP zone in the form of Wintergrasp.

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The 2 set bonus is pretty much useless, its only good towards Affliction locks(but these are rare in t6 instances). The 4 piece bonus is the best in the game for warlocks. It gives a 6% additional damage bonus to all Shadow Bolts and incinerates. You get over 100 dps increase after obtaining the 4 piece t6 bonus. Best Trinkets(IMO)
At lvl 60, the extra armor bonus from Rugged Armor Kits isn't all that great; however, +5 Defense Rating means you just increased Blocking, Dodge, and Parry by .20% each and .80% with full setup. So its a question of would you rather have a minor damage reduction of less than .3% with a Rugged Armor Kit or .20% bonus to 3 traits that negate ...

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I would like to know what the bonuses are for the professions in WoW. For example, the gems with extra large stats that only the Jewelcrafter himself can use, or the bonus sockets you can put on your own gear as a Blacksmith. What are the bonuses for the other professions?
Profession. See Table: Skill Check Bonuses for a summary of skill check bonuses.If the result of your skill check is equal to or greater than the difficulty class (or DC) of the task you are attempting to accomplish, you succeed.