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  • Abstract. This work was conducted to study the effect of selective adsorption on removal of sulfur compounds from Iraqi heavy naphtha from Al-Dura refinery by using molecular sieve (13X) in a fixed-bed column and it was be run out at 1.5–6.0h-1 LHSV, 15–30 gr weight of molecular sieve (13X), 600–1650ppm sulfur concentration in the feedstock , the adsorption temperature was 25 o C and 40 o C.
  • Zeolite 13X was synthesized in the sodium form. Some transition metal cations were introduced into the zeolite framework by ion exchange reactions. These different cationic zeolite forms were doped or impregnated with sodium metal, utilizing the adsorptive properties of the zeolite.
  • Zeolites well suited for detergency, e.g., zeolites of type A, are adopted for mass production by simultaneously continuously introducing both an aqueous solution of sodium silicate and an aqueous solution of sodium aluminate into an unagitated first reaction zone to effect the continuous intimate admixture thereof, continuously transferring intimate admixture from said first reaction zone to ...
  • The framework density is a simple criterion for distinguishing zeolites and zeolite-like materials from denser materials Definition: The figures given refer to the type materials Non-zeolitic framework structures: FD = 20 – 21 Zeolite with fully crosslinked frameworks: FD = 12.1 – 20.6
  • The BET surface area test showed good results for Zeolite 13X compared to available literature. The surface area calculated for 3D – printed Zeolite 13X was 767m2/g and available literature showed 498 m2/g for 3D – printed Zeolite 13X. The microhardness values of 3D – printed Zeolite samples were measured using a Vicker hardness tester.
  • Beta zeolite is an old zeolite discovered before Mobil began the "ZSM" naming sequence. As the name implies, it was the second in an earlier sequence. The structure of zeolite beta was only recently determined because the structure is very complex and interest was not high until the material became important for some dewaxing opertions.
  • CO 2 Capture Using a Zeolite Molecular Sieve Sampling System 443 diameter of 4.2 Å, and type 13X (Bauer et al. 19 92; Bol and Harkness 1995 ; Gaudinski et al. 2000), another sodium aluminosilicate with an effective pore diameter of 7.8 Å (Flanigen 1991).

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Molecular sieve 5A and 13X packings differ in pore size and composition, causing differences in retention and selectivity for many gases. The 5A packing provides greater retention, which improves the separation of argon, oxygen, and nitrogen, and is a better choice for analyzing the trace impurities in inert gases typically used in the ...
13X Molecular Sieve: Has a pore size of roughly 10A. This is considerably larger than any of the A type openings. This desiccant is used primarily for refinements of liquid and gases because it offers synchronized absorption for bi-molecule and tri-molecule.

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The pore opening of the sodium form of zeolite X (13X) is approximately 8 Ångstrom. The ability to adjust the pores to precisely determined uniform openings allows for molecules smaller than its Zeolite Molecular Sieve GRACE Davison zeolite molecular sieves are characterized by the following properties Zeolite - Structure and Properties
Generally, zeolite 13X is prepared from freshly prepared sodium aluminosilicate gels, using a wide range of silica and alumina sources via a hydrothermal reaction. To obtain low-cost synthetic zeolite 13X, many researchers have examined the synthesis of zeolite 13X from halloysite , fly ash , waste porcelain and kaolin .

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Molecular Sieve Type 13X is capable of adsorbing the same compounds as types 5A, 4A, and 3A and is commonly used for air generation in the Medical Oxygen industry and air compressor systems, utilization as a catalyst carrier, and co-adsorption of CO2, H2O, and H2S for gas dryers and purifiers.
The 8 wt% 13X zeolite loaded separator (S2) revealed higher porosity (~+20%), electrolyte uptake (+80%), ion conductivity (+80%), and thermal shrinkage (~−47% at 165°C). C‐rate capability and cycle performance of a cell battery assembled using the S2 separator considerably improved compared with those of the assembled by the neat PVDF and ...