• So I have one 18 disk RAIDZ2 VDEV (2^4+2) and one 6 disk RAIDZ2 VDEV (2^2+2^) for a total of 24 drives. Different VDEV sizes in a single pool are often not recommended, but ZFS is very smart and cool: it load-balances the data across the VDEVs based on the size of the VDEV.
  • I've been running FreeNAS for a file server for some years now, and really like the capabilities of ZFS on that system. That got Neth running on a single-disk pool. My goal would be to (1) run it on a multi-disk pool so I'd have redundancy, and (2) use large (>2 TiB) disks, which appear to require a...
  • Jan 10, 2015 · Before you can manage a previously configured ZFS disk with VxVM, you must remove it from ZFS control. Similarly, to begin managing a VxVM managed disk now with ZFS, you must remove the disk from VxVM control. To make the device available for ZFS, remove the VxVM label using the VxVM CLI command "vxdiskunsetup <da-name>".
  • How to set up ZFS zpools using disk partitions and make them visible to FreeNAS Update I'd outgrown my off-the-shelf NAS, ending up with files overflowing onto various travel disks and flash If you make a mistake and need to start again, you can remove the partitions and the partition table
  • I have a zfs pool with 2 disks in mirror. [email protected]:~# zpool status pool: tank state: ONLINE scan: scrub repaired 0B in 1h36m with 0 errors on Sun Sep 9 02:00:52 2018 config What i am planing to do is remove 1 disk from zfs pool. Then format the disk in ext4.
  • Although Windows Server storage pools have been around for long enough to be stable, things can and sometimes do go wrong. When that happens, it can be surprisingly difficult to delete a corrupt storage pool and start over. I encountered this exact situation recently with some Windows Server...
  • It copies data from one file or block device (hard disc, cdrom, etc) to another, trying to rescue the good parts first in case of read error. <...> If you use the mapfile feature of ddrescue, the data is rescued very efficiently, (only the needed blocks are read).
  • This will create a ZFS-Pool with four disks, in which one is allowed to fail without issues. When using the raidz2 option instead of raidz, two disks can fail at a time. There is also the option to add Hot-Spares to a ZFS-Pool in order to have a replacement disk ready at all times.

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May 05, 2014 · zfs set mountpoint=/ rpool/ROOT zfs set mountpoint=/vault vpool/VAULT. Importantly, this step identifies the boot file system in the ZFS pool. zpool set bootfs=rpool/ROOT rpool. Export the pools so they can be re-imported to a temporary mount point. zpool export rpool zpool export vpool
I recently bought a new HP Gen8 Microserver, installed Solaris 11 on it, now I need to import the ZFS pool to my new Gen8 server. The first thing is simply, just remove the disks from the old server, and attach them to the Gen8, then in Solaris on Gen 8: 1. Check the current zfs storage by using zfs list

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To correct this error, remove or comment out the line in the /etc/vfstab file. Dedicated dump device The disk is in use as the dedicated dump device for the system. To correct this error, use the dumpadm command. Part of a ZFS pool The disk or file is part of an active ZFS storage pool.
Nov 03, 2015 · To replace a disk in a zpool follow the example below. In this example we have a 30 disk RAID10 and FreeNAS is telling me one of my disks has 52 bad sectors. My pool has not degraded as the disk is still working but I want to switch this disk out as its only going to get worse.

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ZFS as it is today doesn't support delegating part of a pool to a container user. Upstream is actively working on this. ZFS doesn't support restoring from snapshots other than the latest one.
Operating Systems Solaris Need to remove a disk from zfs pool. I need to remove last disk, emcpower78a. It is coming from SAN. Somebody please suggest.